Bars in Paris That You Must Visit

There was once a time in Paris when you could only grab a drink from the hotel bar as this was the only option. But today, you have a selection of bars to choose from that offer some of the most inventive drinks in Europe.

In this article, we look at bars that you must visit especially if you are a tourist.


When you enter Moonshiner for the first time, you’ll question if you are even in the correct place since a pizza parlor is placed right in front of the bar. But once the confusion is all sorted and done with, you’ll soon realize the interiors are super neat.


The crowd in Moonshiner consists of locals to tourists. Apart from a few well-known cocktail classics, you’ll also be treated to unique drinks such as Back to Basil. The furniture and interior decor features a blend of mirrors, bricks, and wooden panels and spread a very classic vibe.

Little Red Door

What sets Little Red Door apart from all the other bars in town is the fact that the drinks served here have a lot of thought put into them and not to mention, it is run by Dotan Shalev, owner of Lulu White. Even the menu has excruciating detail put into them since the drinks themselves are illustrated and not explained which leaves a lot in cheerful mystery.

If you are not up to the challenge, you always have the option of knowing what is inside. What’s more is that the menu isn’t permanent as the menu is updated every six months and drinks served also come with unique vessels such as bust mugs and glassware.

Le Syndicat

Although finding the location can be quite the challenge since the door and walls adjacent to the door are covered by both graffiti as well as posters, the recording studio feels that the interior emanates is something to behold; making the whole locating effort a worthwhile experience.

Le Syndicat

The drinks that Le Syndicat serves feature only alcohol that is made in France. Everything goes very well with each other, especially the sense of truncation that is omnipresent throughout the area due to the sheetrock that juts out.


Bisou offers a very customizable experience since you only have the option of telling the bartender what you feel like and the bartender may or may not make that specific drink.

The bar is usually crammed with the current generation crowd, and it is best experienced if you go with a small group or a date.