Nightlife in Paris

The many cultures and vibes that are everpresent in Paris can be fully experienced if one indulges themselves in the nightlife of the city. All you have to do is get out and visit the many different bars and nightclubs, and you’ll get the feeling as though you went on a tour around the world.

No matter what your taste, you’ll have an extremely memorable night if you decide to head out. But with so many choices, finding the correct options can be pretty daunting and this article aims to close all confusions about the topic.

Let us look at some of the best nightlife locations in Paris.

Chez Moune

Chez Moune relies on the room of the club in order to get the vibe that they need with tiled walls and low ceilings. A 1930s themed club, the club is mainly focused on hipster crowd and the music you find there is usually electro.

Chez Moune

A big advantage that Chez Moune offers is that the entry is free which is quite unlike other clubs in the city. But the fact that the entry is free has resulted in long queues which can sometimes be extremely irritating.

Le Truskel

If you are looking to engorge yourself in some quality music, then look no further than Le Truskel since the Celtic themed pub has some of the best indie, punk and electro music which spans all the way past daybreak.

Space is spaced just right so that the area is cozy but not crammed. You may also be lucky enough to find yourself in an after-party that is resulted from the Olympia concert hall which is something you must visit if you are a tourist yourself.

Le Social Club

Some of the biggest as well as hottest acts in the French and International scene can be experienced at the Le Social Club, and it isn’t even that far from the Rex Club. Established in the same building as the L’Aurore newspaper, the club can house nearly 500 guests, and you’ll be treated to techno, electro, and disco to name a few.

Le Social Club

The club claims to be retro-futuristic, and apart from the genres mentioned above, you might also hear music that you may have never heard before in order to fit the theme. You also won’t find it hard to locate since it is right at the center of the club scene in Grand Boulevard